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‘East-Flemish start-ups performing exceptionally well: article from ‘Made in Oost-Vlaanderen’ [DUTCH]

Omar Mohout, professor in entrepreneurship at the Antwerp Management School, looked into the Belgian start-up scene. He found that many established companies are under pressure from new disruptive technologies and are realizing they can learn a lot from start-ups. In addition, a growing number of start-ups, amongst others Cashforce, have […]

‘Cashforce argues for more transparency around the importance of working capital’ : article from ‘Made in Oost-Vlaanderen’ [DUTCH]

Cashforce’s CEO and co-founder Nicolas Christiaen gives his opinion in ‘Made in Osst-Vlaanderen’ on the difficulties many companies face trying to improve their working capital in a structured and sustainable way. He emphasizes the importance of making working capital and cash management transparent to the entire organization, not just the […]