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Nicolas Christiaen presenting Cashforce at the  NewFinance Open Mic Night in New York

Nicolas Christiaen presenting Cashforce at the NewFinance Open Mic Night in New York

NewFinance is a global network of over 5,000 professionals actively involved in Financial Innovation through Technology, including Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Investors, Service providers, Academics, Students, Government and other interested parties. Many of the new web and mobile platforms that are emerging today and changing the face of financial services are being […]

iMinds: 8 Flemish tech companies poised for global expansion

Cashforce is currently operating from the start-up garage at iMinds in Ghent. iMinds is Flanders’ digital research & entrepreneurship hub. In addition to organizing cooperative research between universities and industry players, iMinds helps tech entrepeneurs to bring their start innovations to life. This article from iMinds’ website talks about Flemish […]

Cashforce Founder and CEO, Nicolas Christiaen

Cashforce is ‘Start-up of the week’ in Dutch Trends Magazine

On June 25, Cashforce was ‘Start-up of the week’ in the leading Flemish business magazine Trends. The article, based on an interview with CEO and co-founder Nicolas Christiaen, talks about Cashforce’s product, its growth strategy and its expansion plans for the US. The main hurdle for FinTech start-ups like Cashforce, […]

‘East-Flemish start-ups performing exceptionally well: article from ‘Made in Oost-Vlaanderen’ [DUTCH]

Omar Mohout, professor in entrepreneurship at the Antwerp Management School, looked into the Belgian start-up scene. He found that many established companies are under pressure from new disruptive technologies and are realizing they can learn a lot from start-ups. In addition, a growing number of start-ups, amongst others Cashforce, have […]

‘Cashforce argues for more transparency around the importance of working capital’ : article from ‘Made in Oost-Vlaanderen’ [DUTCH]

Cashforce’s CEO and co-founder Nicolas Christiaen gives his opinion in ‘Made in Osst-Vlaanderen’ on the difficulties many companies face trying to improve their working capital in a structured and sustainable way. He emphasizes the importance of making working capital and cash management transparent to the entire organization, not just the […]