How We Helped A Transportation Provider Immediately Gain $150k In Cash Flow

Business graph
Business graph

The Company.

A $300 million transportation provider approached us with a very simple issue- they wanted to improve their cash flows and focus more upon acquisition opportunities. However the complexity of their forecasting processes left little time for value added projects.

Dealing with 6 countries, 8 companies and 40 bank accounts, the level of complexity faced by this organisation inhibited easy management of their finances. These factors were compounded by their rapid expansion and recent acquisition.

How Did Their Forecasting Get Transformed?

Implemented across the entire finance department, we made sure to train this organisation in full and complete use of the cutting-edge cash forecasting platform using Cashforce’s award winning software.

What Were The Results?

From implementation of our software, the results proved to be incredibly significant. With the improvements our software produced for their financial processes, a significant period of time was opened up that could be dedicated to value added activities. For example, currency hedging analysis was now a viable option due to increased efficiency and reduction in time constraints.

Significantly, the ultimate result of this implementation process was an immediate $150k gain in cash flow. To supplement this important outcome, an increase in company-wide visibility of the cash drivers was experienced.

At Cashforce, we pride ourselves on being the leading platform for cash forecasting that delivers results.

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